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Our company, Over the Edge Corp. (OTE), is a collaboration of technology, design, and industry experts catering to the unique needs of the automotive insurance industry. OTE consultants have more than 40 years of combined experience in F&I, company-specific warranty and service contract products, e-rating and administration. OTE offers a full suite of services including software development, design, branding, cloud services and administration consulting. 

 In addition to the broad host of services we provide, we are also the creators of the TecAssured™ administration system –  a cost-effective, scalable solution for anyone who wants to offer a single product or a complete line of F&I programs, either self-administered or third-party administered. Our main focus has been on the administration of vehicle service contracts, warranties, ancillary products and pre-paid maintenance programs, however our seamless solution simplifies the administration of any insurance/warranty product.

 TecAssured features a scalable rating engine and connections to all Menu and DMS systems and provides tools for building custom programs and products, managing contracts, claims, commissions and pricing. It’s a cost-effective alternative to expensive proprietary software development efforts. Each TecAssured client gets its own virtual server instance and own databases, allowing each client full control for customization and access to its own data for reporting. With over 32 modules, TecAssured makes it simple to manage the entire policy lifecycle and easily adaptable with the ever-changing warranty and insurance product industries. 

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