Feature Overview & Specs

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Interested in STARTING or HAVING the same abilities as a full TPA? With TecAssured you can – solutions start at $5200!

Our TecAssured™ Administration Suite Software is the cost-effective, scalable solution for anyone who wants to offer a single product or a complete line of F&I programs – whether self-administered or third-party administered

This private cloud solution software, which features a scalable rating engine and connections to all Menu and DMS systems, provides tools for building custom programs and products, managing contracts, claims, commissions and pricing. TecAssured™ enables anyone – including smaller administrators, agents and dealers – to compete and profit in the warranty, VSC, ancillary product, and PPM markets! Our software suite provides an alternative to expensive proprietary software development efforts or shared systems.

Each TecAssured™ client gets their own virtual server instance and own databases, which enables full control for customization and access to their own data for reporting. With over 32 modules, TecAssured™ makes it simple to manage the entire policy life-cycle and is easily adaptable to the ever-changing warranty and insurance product industries.

  • Facilitates Product Delivery of Any Service or Insured Product
  • Complete PPM Solution
  • Product Options
  • Dealer Setup
  • User Access
  • Easy Setup
  • Profile Based Access & Permissions
  • Add & Deactivate Users Quickly
  • Accounts/Buckets
  • Rule Sets & Classing
  • Surcharge Consumables
  • Private Labeling
  • eContract Form Mapping & Printing
  • Consumable Quantity Management
  • Bundled Products Feature

TecAssured™ Key Components

  • Unlimited Product Rating Engine
  • Private Label Web Portal
  • Secure, Private Databases
  • Connects (API) to All Menu & DMS Providers
  • Complete Reporting
  • VIN or Serial Number Driven Pricing
  • Branded Presentation Process
  • eContracting & Submission
  • PDF Contracts
  • Customizable Report Data Exports
  • Unlimited Accounts/Buckets
  • Contract Batch Payment Processing
  • Inventory Status Management
  • Dispersions
  • Receivables

Contract Administration & Claims

  • Process Claims on Active Contracts
  • Claims/Noting Tools
  • Contract Storage
  • Review, Revise & Accept Contracts
  • Cancellations & Refunds
  • Terminations & Voids
  • RealTime Reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Account APIs

Your Own Personal, Licensed System

Great complete solution out of the box! This Suite is a comprehensive platform for product sales and administration using any/all channels. Can be configured by your own developers, or we can customize any functions you want or need to ensure you have the competitive edge!

Connections for 3rd Parties Solutions

API connections or integrations for Third Party Administrators, All MENU, Dealer Management Systems (DMS) & POS Systems, plus Stone Eagle, F&I Admin, and Lending/Insurance services.

Admin & Insurance Services Consulting

Innovative Marketing & Administration (IMA), a partner of OTE, offers complete administration and insurance consulting for service contracts, warranties and other products for automotive, appliance, technology and pet industries. For more information click here!